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Monday, July 20, 2009

Steve Rother Who is Bare!

Steve Rother who is bare, do you think you could care? The world need truth today, but you bring falsity to the air. What makes you think that this is true, when you rewrite all that they do. Where do you think you could be fair, when you realize we all have a Group who speaks to us each day, and let's us be the snoop. They gift us lesson which are free and then you create a disease (selling books and such in the name of glory, man's blindness, no vision). Their love that comes from the air is part of all that cares. When you say Crystal just arrived, you completed, did not know the jive. It's you who has just arrived, to learn about your spirit and all that it says, don't think that it's all in your head. They cannot be humans this day, because they have much to learn and delay. (Evolution of his Group, meaning they have not earned the right to descend upon earth. They must earn their way downward to Earth , the paradise.) The heavens are children learning their share, but you have no right to offer their stare. They are children who need learning too, you need to think about all you can do. Open their vision instead of just yours, because what you bring is not only yours. We belong together, each has a job and you are not learning who that could be stabbed (to bleed, the law of love, the lesson).

There is much for you to learn this day, just turn to those who know how, the Natives who will hold your hand, and watch your display. The Rainbow has many colors and you don't know which way. Dont' think you are the answer, when there are so many more displays. The truth you do not hold, only Crystals everywhere, the people who wear diamonds and dance in the air. You don't know that walk about, one in fifteen everywhere, and you think they only just arrived here. My goodness, you need to listen to your team, the many groups who long to speak, the many groups within. The people have a right to know that your fraud will not save the day, you only need speak the truth to find the beloved hay. (golden era) Writing that these are truths, from where did you say? You didn't even get their names, you didn't even care! Who do you think you are talking to, if they too have a name. What a shame you have put to them, when you make all the claims. You didn't offer them a blessing, you didn't care. You didn't ask them their name, you just stole what is in the air. Just like others who seem to be the good pair, but we know the truth in you, the lack of loving there.

I shall put the truth to this article right here, but those who know the truth of God, will offer up the stare (vision). They will receive the way, of loving each day. For you need to realize that you are only one out there. We need to be together and not apart like you, who think of nothing but his own truth. The culmination of many is the fact of God this way, the days run into years and then millennium is here to stay. The dawning will bring much to us, those who survive and listen with their ears, but those who turn a deaf cheek (no tears, they don't care) to those who are in the heavens air, will only receive the death of mind, the intelligence you seek, because the heavens have a heart, the very ones that you need. The very ones you dart. The valley of the darkness is known with loving tears, putting them before the self and not claiming self instead. (you will not be able to walk into the valley of darkness without tears of loving others, putting them before self and not claiming self, before others.) My goodness what have we come to if we don't even care, the way he is speaking right here.

Steve Rother I know that you share, but only the visions of lemon drops in the air.(sour untruths) Your Group needs to learn a lot from you and everyone. (not just from you) Please ask their names and learn to gift the treasure of love in the air. They need you and not only your truth, but truth of everywhere! Don't forget to bless the wind, the God that flows free. For you need to bless freely, if you want relief from your disease!

Sung by White buffalo calf Woman, your twin deer mother, Elder Crystal Person
Visit Crystal Indigo Children Blogspot for truth about Crystal and Indigo Children

Steve Rother,
Your Group tells me that you are there, but you don't often ask about them. You need to ask about how to serve them instead of always them serving you. They are angry that you don't care but do love you and will follow you there. But still the truth is they don't know why you don't care and if you really love this Group, then offer up your stare, the vision of gifting this day, to the Groups everywhere, by telling others that they too have this stare. The vision that gifts you truth is only a reflection here, that is why you speak untruths, because you still don't care!

(violet with magenta overlay Steve Rother, which means you get a little information which is in the light or horizon which means you cannot see into the darkness. And as such there is much mistruth about your data you receive. Only a true crystal can sea in the darkness and only a true indigo can see in the light. If you want to know more visit for explanation of terms crystal and indigo.)

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, elder crystal person, 48 years old not just coming in, my goodness talk about untruth about Crystal and Indigo People, Steve Rother is sharing from his GROUP! You cannot see truth you are a Violet person. if you want to know your colors or song, please email

Warriors of the Earth

Melchizedic, Sananda and Thoth

Those who think they walk with Melchizedic, Sananda (Jesus) or Thoth!

If Patanjali could see you now, he would find his beloved cow. But the cow forgot to purify and now the cow thinks he's God in thy. What makes you think you know God, when you charge to gift the law of love?

How can you know what Melchizedek would say, since you don't have any way, to reach the kingdom of God. If you cannot stand by the One
who gives passage, how can you even consider the passage. The right to enter Gods' kingdom is love and all who use money and Man's righteous laws will find his heart ripped from him in so many ways. How dare you use God to show your display. For God is Oneness the spirit who flies free, and no money is involved inside of thee. Watch out you criminals who all stand there, thinking your teaching God solemn prayer.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother!

Warriors of the Earth

Song of Prayer for Those Without Hair!

Song of Prayer for those without hair! (those who do not know how to access God)

For you who have not a clue of how he abuses you, then I say, when God is done, you will have no more blood
(law of love, the Red Road). For law is only love is known, not cheating your fellow human. And if you think that this will subside, then think again, for you may die. (evolution walking through the red fire sky)

If you want to
save yourself, then start to begin your course, of loving others instead of self and learn to be the best of course. The way of Fraud is not of God and you think that you are helping God!

Well if you really want to help the world, then start to give it all it's worth. Give your
house, your car, your van, then let your Dog go in the Run! (Warrior who has his feet on the ground, knowing law of love, the prophecy of Rainbow Warriors who are Fierce. But the Dog Soldier is Fiercest in all the realms.) For Warriors will come home to be with the Blue, the loyal, royal kingdom true.

Warriors of the Earth

Remove Melchizedek Off Your Cites, by Order of the Christal Knight!

Remove the order of the Melchizedek off your cites, by the words and order of a Christal Knight, the Elder Crystal person who has come this day, to help you shed your ways. White Buffalo Calf Woman is what they call me, for God has sent me to show you love. And your Twin Deer Mother who will say, don't learn how to be lost, just come home and play. And learn the great give-a-way, then you will know what to say. Until that day does comes, then I say to you, don't use untruths to make your name go into the blue. Use the heart that speaks of love and give it all away as above. (heaven)

No Sharing, You Sell Everything, you are a Spiritual Fraud.
Jesus Christ is a Crystal Person and he does not support the use of money at all. Remember he kicked the money mongers table over, even his own Jewish Brothers. For Christ or Crystal people, always walk with God as Ordained Kings of Heaven. Only Heaven can offer this Crown, not Earth. He is ordained as a Melchizedik, like all Crystal people who choose to be. This is written in your Garment of light. You cannot rewrite this Book of life! It is the truth of your Evolution. Thoth is Communicating Holiness (his sacred eldest direction in his garment of lights), a spiritual being from Heaven, who is not a Crystal person, but the color is a vibration or number, which only the Jews can give you the truth of his mathematical perfection written in his light, a son, an even number, but is the color of Communicating Holiness.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, says that, "These people who walk in the perfect law only exists in the House of the Beloved, King David's House, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star. We are the Yellow Family, who shall lead the Oneness of God homeward, the four sacred colors and directions! Walk with us and walk with God. Go against us and go against God, the Oneness of all, who ordained the perfection.We all have our gifts and we belong to thee.

Warriors of the Earth
Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feeding Who? Fraud is Not of God, Law Has Landed!

Song to you, from the Royal Blue

You want to talk, then get a start for God is here to make you smart (sting), for what you do is not of you, just get behind the loyal blue. For if you do not know which way to go, God will surely gift you the smart (sting), the unhappiness of all your greed will make a great big mockery.

Get on and start to make it right, get rid of your salary and the plight of cheating Americans in their heads, all so you can get glory that is unbred. you have but one will to face and it is the misfortune of your grace, the Great Spirit Father that you do pray, is coming to tell you that he is
on his way!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother who knows your show, don't think you can glow without the Oneness who knows!

Holiness David asks, "This is a world food program and we are not part of the world? You can make contact with us at if you dare? And I hope you do! - Angel Services around the World. Holiness David is sending you Love!, feeding none of your own in America.
Watch out, White Buffalo Calf Woman is here! Fraud is not of God...Law has landed.

Warriors of the Earth
Saturday, July 18, 2009

You Don't Find What You Seek

A song for your hearts,
Moderators at Empathics and

Each day you look deep inside, but you don't find what you seek. How can you see the way to time, if you continue to be so blind. When love comes knocking at your door, you start to walk to the other shore. But deep inside you continue to hide the glory that lives inside the well. And if you find the well is dry, it's because you don't know love at all. What makes you feel that you are better than all who come to know the call? Whether you know or don't recall the damage you commit when you don't know God.

The only way you will find your way, is if you start to bow down and pray. Not only will this delay, your misguidance of your dismay. You may even get a little time to run and hide and die that day (death comes before the rebirth, born again either soul or flesh). For Red (law of Hashem, the law of heaven is love) is coming to teach us the way, the law of love will save the day. Not you or me or the cup of tea, but God is One(ness), who lives in thee!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
who holds your hand and begins to pray for those who have lost their way.

Sunday, July 19, 2009